Development oportunities
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Our organization has big goals to achieve. They are present in our mission, vision and values, and this is why we strive to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. In order to reach those goals and be effective in attracting and retaining talent, Bosch has defined three career paths to direct our associates' individual development according to their competencies and expectations.

With excellence and identified potential, you can follow one of these three career paths: Management, Project Management or Technical.

The direction into one of these paths is based on a structured criteria and defined requisites, as well as potencial identification processes for each of the areas.


Career paths:


A career in Management is based essentially on functions related to business management, human resources and processes, with the purpose of developing a future business vision, improvement of processes and associates' development, deployment to the team and achievement of goals defined by the organization.


Project Management

Project Management entails all the functions related to continuous project management, i.e. activities that are organized with the necessary controls "on time, on specification, on budget", with a planned start and finish dates for the achievement of a defined objective, characterized by innovation and development of products or services.


A Technical career is for associates who have specific and specialized know-how about concepts, products or processes, that are a reference to the department or business unit and which do not involve people management. The funcion implicates activities of high complexity in order to develop and apply new concepts, provide technical support to the organization and influence decision making.