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Want to start your career in a company that is in the edge of innovation?

Meet Bosch's internships program. And jump in with us!

Summer Internships

Bosch's summer internships provide a first experience in the job market, and the opportunity of getting to know our processes and work dynamics.

If you are a recent graduate or finishing your degree in engineering, don't hesitate. It will be a different summer, full of challenges and learning.

The maximum duration is 2 months, between July and September. Jump in with us!

The application is simple:

If you participated in the Roadshow #joinBosch, you're half way there. During the Roadshow, we spoke with many students that can be directly selected for our summer internships.

If you didn't have the chance to speak with our Human Resources team in the Roadshow, click here . Select the location. Choose the summer internship vacancies. And apply.

Engineering students in their last course year can take advantage of our curricular internships.

It's a simple formula! Apply. Show us your project! We talk to you. And, together, we will work to make people's lives better through technology.

How to apply:

  • Talk to your professors or academic services. They will give you more information about curricular internships vacancies with Bosch.

  • Search the curricular internships vacancies in our website. And submit your application. online

Let's be remarkable.

Experience allows development.

And at Bosch we give you the opportunity to grow with us. Our professional internships are an opportunity to develop (even more) your skills and ideas.

Here, you can shape the future of technology and be part of an innovative and fascinating world.


Check our vacancies . Choose the one that fascinates you and submit your application.

We take care of the rest. We are waiting for you!